Milestone #1, check!

My book is on Amazon Kindle! I have a fair amount of to-dos on my plate with all the changes required for business owners at present, but I’m driven to carve out some time to share my excitement for the launch of a near 3-year undertaking. I’ve been in business for nearly 20 years and have dealt with countless challenges that have shaped and molded me into somebody I can stare at proudly in the mirror. The sense of fulfillment stems from sticking to what I believe in for myself and creating an organization that is a reflection of those beliefs. As the world transforms into a new era, and many are drawn to turn a craft into a business, I hope to inspire you through my new guide. The reference material and endless lists of to-dos to create a successful organization are overwhelming for many new to business ownership. What matters most is sticking to what feels fulfilling and speaks to you. You’ve been given a dream, so hold to that dream and let inspiration guide you on a path to decision making that is unique to you – not what the marketplace dictates. I wish all you start-ups and business owners out there the best on your journeys. I’m cheering for you!