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LEARN THE TOOLS THAT business leaders utilize to spot growth opportunites

How do you create effective company systems? How do you establish your company's signature flair? Most importantly, what is your Zenersity? The Zen Side of Business Ownership affords a new approach to incorporating your passions and talents to create an enterprise that embodies you, creates prosperity, brings the right people into your life, and serves a community of people who desire your products and service.

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About the Author

Eric Uriarte is a business owner, mentor, and author dedicated to bridging the gap between one's unique idiosyncrasies and passions with successful business practices. He is passionate about guiding those seeking deeper fulfillment to steady, predictable, and scalable growth. After running his own business for 19 years and documenting the successes and failures into his new business guide, Eric understands that owning our uniqueness is the key to long term success. The marketplace is counting on us to define ourselves and express that which only we have the capacity to do. Success will never feel fulfilling nor be sustainable in the long term unless it is a reflection of one's self down to every last policy he or she creates. In addition to his experience, Eric sharpened his business training within the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) and is a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small business MBA program - A scholarship intensive course distributed by the world's most prestigious organization in business leadership and training, Babson College.