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If you’re in the formative years of creating your business faced with getting it off the ground, you’d more than likely have the opinion that achieving success is nearly impossible just from the list of so-called requirements alone. You’ve perhaps been trained to expect things won’t go according to plan, driving you mad. But, what if you could get that one big deal – Some higher top line targets under your belt? Everything would be perfect? Wouldn’t that make everything Zen? Of course, this is what every business owner thinks. But is it true? Take a look at a proposed higher grossing business scenario. To put that theory to the test let’s say, you’ve worked your butt off making the top line sales targets, and now you want to take some time off from all that hard work. Oh wait! You can’t. In your absence, your eager staff has gone into overtime, made costly mistakes to get the product delivered in your stead, turning the word,


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