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This is the first edition and first run of one of the most inspiring guides for business owners. For a limited time, Eric will personally autograph each of the books purchased from this website. The initial run will be limited to approximately 50 books.  This product will ship on May/2020.

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With a clearly guided passion to “save” the small business owner forever, in his new guide, Eric lays the groundwork for those who wish to grow a business in a way the benefits all. Centered around 13 distinct business practices, this new guide focuses on helping small business owners stay true to themselves in every product they deliver. This means steering from a competitive/copy mentality prominent in the market place to leveraging one’s unique character to pave the way to success, and building systems along the way. This unprecedented approach gives a new light to the idea of following one’s passions while integrating tried and true business practices and methodologies.


Reach Your Highest Potential

This book not only makes very clear the necessary steps to long term growth, but it also empowers you to be the very person you were born to be!

Your New Trusted Adviser

Finally! Your very own business adviser right at your fingertips - YOU!

Your New Structured Approach

Run your organization like the best leaders of our time with tried and true practices tailored to you, your idiosyncrasies, and your quirky personality.

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A powerful breakthrough journey for the small business owner!

C. Maldonado - Limitless HR Solutions

This book will shift small business paradigms and success statistics!

L Borom - Belle Arte